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Corporate Gifting

Corporate Gifting

Who We Are

We are a local, female-run gifting business specializing in custom gifts for personal, business and event gifting.  We believe gifting should be intimate and effortless, which is where we come in!  
How It Works:
We start with an in-person meeting in order to get the best idea of what you're looking for: theme, quantities, price range, personalized items, local goods.  From there, we will mock up a proposal of different items you can choose from to build your box.  
Personalized Details:
Adding a personalized touch to each box or a specific item will make this experience more intimate for the giver and receiver.  We have the ability to brand boxes, print custom materials, monogram items, as well as logo items.
Bespoke Services:
For customers with large-scale quantities (over 50 units), please contact us at the below e-mail.  Lead times for larger units are around 6-8 weeks from proposal confirmation.
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